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IDOL OnDemand delivers a rich set of web service APIs to enable developers to create ground-breaking apps that tap into human information.

Sentiment Analysis

Return the positive or negative sentiments of any document or web content, including tweets, news articles, blog posts, product reviews, comments and more.

Entity Extraction

Extracts entities (words, phrases, or blocks of information) from your input text.

Image Analysis

Analyze images using face detection and image identification. Use image to text to make text accessible and searchable or embed a barcode reader to enrich the functionality of your app.

Format Conversion

Extract text from a wide range of file types. Convert 500+ file formats to HTML for high fidelity native browser rendering.

Text Analysis

Extract, highlight and expand text and metadata, entities, and keywords to automatically discover, organize and classify unstructured information.


Search unstructured information. Extract and highlight keywords.

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